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Dixons Brooklands Academy

Peloton Awards

At Dixons Brooklands Academy, one of the ways in which we recognise students who demonstrate any of our three values of hard work, integrity or kindness is through our Peloton Award.

Did you know that in the sport of cycling a peloton is a group of cyclists who, during a long race, can often spend less energy and shield themselves from bad weather by staying close to each other? From time to time you will see a lone cyclist break free of the group and attempt to win the race. Doing so takes real commitment.

In a similar way in the academy, we know that students can break free of those around them demonstrating our drivers of mastery, autonomy and purpose to maximise their opportunities at Dixons Brooklands. This can be seen through their hard work in a particular subject, the integrity they have, or the kindness they show within the academy or in their community.

Staff nominate students once per term. The nominated students are presented with their Peloton badge and certificate during Morning Meeting. We love presenting these awards and look forward to celebrating our students in this way each term.