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Dixons Brooklands Academy

Extra-curricular clubs

Student Experience

At Dixons Brooklands Academy, we know that qualifications “maximise students’ opportunities to live fulfilling lives and make a difference in their community.” An ambitious academic curriculum is therefore at the centre of all we do at Brooklands, however, we place equal importance on giving our students the opportunity to develop as individuals and build cultural capital. The student experience curriculum at Dixons Brooklands Academy permeates through the school and provides students with a plethora of experiences that sit beside, intertwine with and complement the academic curriculum.

Extra-curricular clubs

Our extra-curricular clubs are rung by staff volunteers who offer a wide range of activities to suit students' hobbies and interests.

Extra Curricular Timetable 2022-23 Cycle 2

How will the clubs be run?

The extra-curricular clubs are free of charge for all students. Timings can vary by club. Students should check the extra-curricular timetable for the specific club they are interested. Students are expected to make parents/carers aware that they are attending an extra-curricular activity. Registers are taken for each session.