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Dixons Brooklands Academy

School will close for the summer break on Thursday 18th July at 1.30pm. Students will return on Monday 2nd September 2024.


The purpose of homework is to reinforce the most important knowledge that your child needs to know. By focussing only on learning this knowledge it allows your child to master the most important content. Research shows that we forget 90% of what we learn after 7 days. By revisiting this knowledge through homework and revision this forgetting curve slows down and the information becomes easier to retrieve when we most need it, such as for future learning or in assessments.

All students in the academy are given homework in the EBacc subjects every week (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and MFL). Key Stage 4 students will also receive additional homework per week and may have substantial homework set in their option.

Knowledge Organisers are used for the daily homework which is set in Morning Meeting. Students should use read, cover, write, check to learn the content of a given section of their Knowledge Organiser. They are expected to fill a sheet of A4 paper from top left to bottom right, with no gaps, using this method. A green pen should be used to check they have recalled the information correctly.

Additional homework may be set by subject teachers where appropriate.

Revision will help prepare our students for their formal assessments twice per year. Guidance and information will be sent out before the assessment windows.

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will follow the same timetable of read, cover, write, check each week.