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Dixons Brooklands Academy


Our Vision for Attendance and Punctuality at DBK

At Dixons Brooklands Academy, we seek to ensure that all students receive a full-time education, which maximises opportunities for students to live a fulfilling life and make a difference in their community. Missing lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind.

Over a period of five school years, a student with 90% attendance will have missed half of a whole year of schooling. Similarly, students with poor punctuality miss valuable lesson time and, if it happens regularly, progress will be jeopardised.

Parent Attendance Policy

We expect outstanding attendance for all; however, we do recognise that there are times when students will be absent from school. If attendance drops below 97%, the school will contact parents immediately to put a plan in place to make improvements. As a school, we work relentlessly to support students and families. Below is our parent attendance policy, which outlines our expectations of student attendance and actions we will take to ensure your child is in school every day:

Parent Attendance Policy

Working together to improve attendance - how can I help?

Successfully treating the root causes of absence and removing barriers to attendance, at home, in school or more broadly requires schools and local partners to work collaboratively with, not against families. Below are some of the things both parents and students can do to help improve school attendance:

Attendance - Working Together

What do I do if my child is not well enough to come to school?

Attendance Procedures

For full Attendance Policy Procedures, please see link below.

What does authorised and unauthorised absence mean?

As an academy, we must follow national legal guidelines which means that holiday requests during term-time cannot be authorised. Because of this, absences or persistent lateness that are not agreed with us, can incur a penalty notice from the local authority.

A student’s leave of absence during term time is only done in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request an absence to be authorised, you must contact school in advance in writing and obtain permission from the Principal.

Parent Attendance Policy Flowchart

Parent Attendance Policy Procedures